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Pulsedine Lon - Textile Surfactand & Wetting Agent

SLIGHTLY ANIONIC Wetting & washing for all purpose, with very low foaming property. Also provides better de-aerating action. Wetting is very necessary process over fabrics in addition to improve the productivity and effectiveness of all other process which in turn would not be possible without these agents. It's also suitable for enzymatic or oxidative desizing processes with up to 100g/l caustic soda 50%. APEO free.

Pulseravon Cin Textile Surfactant & Wetting Agent

NON IONIC PULSERAVON CIN is almost similar with pulsedine but it's more versatile then that. The primary reason for it's higher versatility is it's non-ionic property. Due to that, it can also be used with water having heavy metals, ions as it won't react with metallic ions in order to get it ionized. Better wetting, dispersing & cleaning agent.

Textile Cracking, Surfactant & Wetting Agent-pulsecrack Sp

NON IONIC New generation multipurpose cracking agent having an excellent wetting, strong detergency and high dispersing action. Specifically used to crack foreign substances & impurities on cellulosic fibers and their blends. It can be used in continuous as well as semi-continuous, pad steam peroxide bleaches. It's stable upto 200g/l NaOH 50%. Environmentally friendly, contains no phosphorus. APEO-free

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