Pulse Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

With an extra ordinary success over R & D practices running since a very long time; we, at Pulse Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., achieved a milestone to be a part of leading industry player at large scale in manufacturing as well as supply. It all happens due to a years of great perseverance of our highly skilled research scientists. We have not been stopped yet and will continue to strive delivering the best.

To apply an immense experience of chemical industry, we thought to change the face of textile industry by raising the level of expertise, quality & serviceability. We are also willing to enhance the use of bio (organic) products to be applied over fabrics, cotton which may affect sensitive skin which prone to get damaged due to chemicals to be used over fabric/cotton. That's our primary mission and the whole team of Pulse Chemicals put their best efforts every day to fulfill the mission.

Highly passionate to serve existing textile industry better & innovative ways. In addition to that Pulse Chemicals is willing to improvise a presence of Indian textile industry globally.

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