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Pulsecrack-ed Textile Cracking Agent-

It's an Anionic Compexing/sequestering agent specifically deals with alkaline earth & heavy metal ions which may presence in water to be used in various steps. Due to its cracking effect over ions it's also called cracking agent. It's stable to alkali up to 500 gm. /L NaOH 50%. Application of cracking agent enhance safety & reproducibility of an overall pretreatment procedure. Due to it's very high ecological standards such an enzymatic cracking agents are used widely. Phosphorus free formulations with good bio-elimination property helps avoiding debris of cracking agent at the end of process. On one hand, it reduces risk of catalytic damage whereas on other hand enhances cleanliness of textile.

Pulsetex-ac Textile Neutralizer-

Neutralizer are the special agent use to optimize washing process wherein there can be minor proportion of NaOH used during desizing process. It's very necessary to make fabric neutralize before further process to avoid loss of dye/color & strengthening of fabric. It's not volatile, free from odor, mineral acids, surfactants & phosphorus. Neutralizer is basically a special acidic component which can easily be used as liquid formulation.

Pulsetex Ad -textile Soaping Agent-

ANIONIC: Various kind of water soluble agents are not enough during various textile process therefore there's very essential need of soaping agents to disperse insoluble/sparingly soluble calcium salts & other impurities. Thus a truly water soluble agent to remove insoluble salts. In addition to remove existing calcium salts, it also inhibit further disposition of the same. Soaping agents specifically enhance shining effect of dyes as well as color yield over fabric.

Pulsetex Bds -textile Sequestering Agent-

NATURE: ANIONIC: Dye bath conditioner. Avoids precipitation of CA, Mg in the water or on the textile. Promotes the levelness of the dyeing and improves the appearance of the dyed goods. No de-metalizing effect on dyestuff, improves penetration and distribution of the dye liquor.

Pulsetex Bd -textile Conditioner Agent-

ANIONIC: Conditioning agents are being used with soaping agents. Together they work to improve dying appearance & condition a fabric which may become little bit harden due to dyes. It's also known as dye bath conditioner for dying.

Pulsefluid L / Cd -textile Lubricartor Pulsefluid reduces creasing in piece dying by reducing friction in between textile. With the help of lubrication effect, it prevents cracks & abrasion marks. Very safe with no adverse effect on the stability of dye bath.

Pulsefix Eco -textile Dye Fixing Agent-

As the name suggests, this agent fixes dye over fabric after dying process. Such a way, fabric's appearance will last longer even after so many washes as well as usage of water. It enhances bonding in between dye and fabric by avoiding migration of dye. Dye fixing agents are having so many fantastic characteristics like free from Formaldehyde, good stability to steaming, working with little or no pH dependency.

Pulsetex Ab 55- Textile Acid Buffer:

ANIONIC: Acid buffers specifically produced by us are organic in nature. As the name suggests, they maintain pH to very tight range like 4.5 to 5 in order to allow coloring agents to fix over fabric well which are pH sensitive. Thus it improves color yield & reproducibility. Easy to handle & safe to use. It also helps saving money by having no need to keep adding acid from time to time which may keep neutralizing during high temperature.

Pulsexol Fnd -textile Deaerating Agent:

NATURE: NON IONIC: All purpose, very stable foam suppressing agent with a high de-aerating and wetting action. For use in pad-batch, continuous and discontinuous. Suitable for highly alkaline to strongly acid pH values and at all temperatures. Resistant to electrolytes and compatible with enzymes. Free of solvents and mineral oils. APEO-free.

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