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Textile Bleaching

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Pulserite Cb - Textile Bleaching Agent-

ANIONIC Pulserite CB is an Anionic processor (bleaching agent) specially be applied for silicate-free, highly alkaline pad-batch (Due to high stability) as well as pad-steam peroxide bleaching (by enabling higher steaming time, thus saves money & material). Due to its high complexing/dispersing capacity for heavy metal ions & calcium, it's also one of the best option, to be used, for inactivation as well as removal of such fiber impurities.

Pulserite Mex -textile Bleaching Agent-

ANIONIC it's kind of its own combination products for cellulose and its blends in continuous as well as semi continuous bleaching process with hydrogen peroxide. It ensures better soil suspension while avoiding disposition of silicates. One of the best robust formulation with pronounced dispersing power & crystallization inhibition.

Pulserite G -textile Bleaching Agent-

ANIONIC Pulserite G is a peroxide bleaching processor discontinuous process of cellulosic fibers & their blends. It can be used with winches, jets & package machines. It's less complexed as compare to other products belonging to this category.

Pulserite Mega -textile Bleaching Agent-

Combination product for cellulose and its blends in continuous and discontinuous bleaching processes with excellent wetting, detergency and dispersing properties. Special characteristic of this bleaching processor is that one require to use only 2 other components (hydrogen peroxide & caustic soda). APEO free. Kind of all in one product.Best suitable for exhaust & pad steam process in addition to pad batch cold peroxide bleach.

Pulserite Smart -textile Bleaching Agent-

ANIONIC “Pulserite SMART” is very much similar to other pulserite family product but as the name suggests, it's little bit more “Smarter” due to it's unique formulation which is being recommended for preparation of goods to be dyed with the help of its extremely good emulsifying and rewetting properties. Another difference from other pulserite category products is that it's Non Ionic as compare to other Ionic pulserite products. Having a very good bleaching regulating effect on active oxygen and anti-catalytic action. Liquid, free of phosphorus and APEO.

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